Marketing In A Pandemic Webinar


Marketing In A Pandemic.

Never thought we’d ever say those words together in a sentence, but here we are. Connecting to your current customers, potential new customers, and remaining top of mind while things unfold is more important than ever. It’s a key to not only surviving this incredible curveball but to, hopefully, thrive as the world comes out of it. Yesterday, Alicia was part of an insightful panel webinar hosted by the Greater Danbury Chamber of Commerce. The panel of local experts included: Irv Goldstein | President & CEO of Berkshire Broadcasting, Shannon Kenefick | Director of Marketing & Sales Solutions at Townsquare Media, and Ardonyx Day | Founder & CEO of 7 Avenue Media. The discussion covered why, how, and where to market your business right now and in the coming months.

From a content perspective, here are a few interesting findings:

A survey by The Channel Factory found that people are turning to Youtube to improve their mood as well as to find uplifting, helpful, and educational content. 70% of respondents said they want ads that both boost and align with their mood and 29% said they expect ads to be relevant to the content they’re watching.

Their research also showed that consumers are reacting to authentic, purpose-driven campaigns that address issues caused by COVID-19. This includes messages such as no-touch food delivery and car payment relief programs.



  • Look at your existing content and see what has performed well in the past that overlaps with what your audience is being drawn to now.
  • Mix and match existing elements to create new content, but be sure to reflect “the new normal.” For example, avoid using visuals of crowds or verbiage that describes close physical interactions.

Be Helpful

  • Do you offer a product or service that might make people’s lives a little easier right now?
  • Can your business help consumers maintain some level of normalcy?
  • How has your business pivoted? Call out things like delivery and ways customers can get what they need from you “at home.”
  • Educate your audience with tips on how to use your product or service.

Be Empathetic

  • Acknowledge that the world is a bit turned upside down and that you can relate to how people feel right now. At the same time, make sure you aren’t being alarmist or spreading panic or misinformation.
  • Focus on being of service and helping your audience solve a problem.

Be Real

  • Be relatable and approachable.
  • It’s OK to acknowledge that you’re facing challenges too, but then move on to how you’re pivoting in order to serve your customers and your community.

The Journal of Ad Research found that brands that continued marketing during an economic downturn, garnered higher sales and greater market share not just during the downturn but held on to it long after. Case in point: Kellogg. During the Great Depression Post cut back on advertising, Kellogg doubled its ad budget and moved aggressively into radio advertising. By 1933, even as the economy collapsed, Kellogg’s profits were up almost 30% and it had become the industry’s dominant player. For more examples check out this Forbes article.

So, we know it sounds a tad counterintuitive to spend money on marketing during a pandemic and you may feel uncertain about your business’s future, but keep in mind that your marketing efforts to stay top-of-mind and provide a service to the community now, will likely have benefits that last into the future.

Continue to stay safe and be well. And remember, if you need us, we’re here.