We’re Going To ITVfest


Back in January, we had the privilege of working on a TV Show pilot with the amazingly creative Jesse Cowell called The Jeskid TV Show. Alicia acted as co-producer, while Renato was the cinematographer. We are excited to announce that the pilot has been selected as a “TV Comedy” finalist at ITVFest (the Independent Television Festival).

We need to give a major shout-out to our fellow downtown Danbury business community members. When we approached businesses downtown with a request to film, we were met with enthusiasm and support. So, thank you to the City of Danbury, Danbury Library, Mothership on Main, Cultural Alliance of Western Connecticut, Two Steps Downtown Grille, the Danbury Hackerspace and the Concordia Society.

In addition to the fantastic cast and crew members based out of NYC who came all the way to CT with Jesse on multiple occasions, we also want to thank our local cast and crew. This was a real team effort.

Jesse Cowell, the creator of the Jeskid TV Show, is an actor and filmmaker best recognized for his online video comedies. Jesse said on shooting in downtown Danbury, “It was an absolute joy. Local businesses extended their arms to welcome us in (often participating in the shoots themselves) and local talent like RmediA made the end product that much better. It felt more like a home where creative kids get to play and that always shows up on screen. The Jeskid TV show would not be the same without the love and support of Danbury.”

The best part is, we first met Jesse at the 2016 ITVfest. He had this idea to turn his vlog into a longer form show. The project just clicked for us and a partnership was born. It’s especially cool to be going back to ITVfest this year with something for people to see.

Keep up to date on all things Jeskid on the Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/JeskidTV/ 

ITVFest is a worldwide community of television creators, executives, agents, and fans responsible for discovering the best new television programs created on independent budgets. Throughout the year, a global network of creatives, executives, and fans gathers for seminars, screenings, and retreats. It all culminates at the weeklong festival in Manchester, VT in October. This year, the festival will be held October 11-15.