We Are Downtown Danbury

We moved our studio to downtown Danbury just a little over four years ago. That one simple act rekindled in us a pride for our hometown.

We love it here. There’s affordable space. We can go on foot to do our important errands. We love the diversity. And, gotta say, there is a real¬†energy here.

That’s why when CityCenter Danbury asked us to be a part of their new marketing campaign, we jumped at the chance to show others all that our city has to offer. The campaign was created by Born TM, a Danbury-based marketing firm. We provided the video content.

Now really is the time to get in on the ground floor. Start a business. Expand your business. Danbury should be on your radar. Join us!

See what our downtown can do for you, visit www.citycenterdanbury.com for more.