Get Ready For A Meat Coma


Attention all meat-lovers. If you haven’t already, you need to check out Planeta Brazil at 48 Newtown Road in Danbury. Just opened at the end of November, this is a place that will make all your meat-eating dreams come true.

What sets Planeta Brazil apart from other Brazilian restaurants in the area is the tableside service. This is a classic rodizio restaurant, where families and friends can come, sit down, and enjoy not only good food but also the dining experience. The owners wanted to create something not only for their fellow Brazilians to enjoy but also something that introduces the rest of the community to their culture.

In addition to the fixed price all-you-can-eat rodizio, Planeta Brazil’s menu offers appetizers and sandwiches as well as desserts.

Planeta Brazil Danbury caipirinhas
They also have a fairly extensive cocktail menu with specialty drinks like caipirinhas; classics like an old fashioned, beer, wine and even dessert cocktails. Alicia and I both had a caipirinha. Alicia went with the passion fruit flavor, and I went with the classic lime flavor. They go down easy. Dangerously smooth.

Planeta Brazil Sim o No
So, onto the meal. At a rodizio style restaurant, waiter’s come to the table several times throughout the meal with skewers on which various meats are prepared and they carve your portion right there. Each customer is given a colored card; place it green side up for “yes I’ll have some of that” or place it red side up if you want to pass.

Planeta Brazil Danbury beef
You pay a fixed price, which includes all the various meats as well as side dishes such as fried yucca, collard greens, beans, rice and more, served buffet style. However, don’t fill up on the side dishes, this dining experience is all about the amazing meat.

At Planeta Brazil, Monday through Wednesday there are six meats available and Thursday through Sunday there are ten meats to sample.

We had top sirloin, beef brisket, chicken breasts wrapped in bacon, chicken wings, spicy pork sausage, and pork ribs. Cooked over charcoal, everything had a wonderful grilled smokiness to the flavor.

Planeta Brazil chicken and bacon
Everything, even the chicken breast, was juicy and incredibly tender.

Planeta Brazil chicken wing
The crispy skin on the chicken wings was fantastic.

Planeta Brazil sausages
We loved the snappiness of the spicy but not-too-spicy pork sausage.

And while our focus was on the meat, we did try some of the side dishes. We both had collard greens, rice, beans, and fried plantains. Alicia added on some fried yucca, whereas I went straight for the feijoada. We both liked that the greens still had some firmness to their texture. I loved the smoky flavor to the porky feijoada.

Planeta Brazil pineapple
As a finale to the meal, the waiter came back around to the table one last time to carve some fresh grilled pineapple. It was the perfect way to cap off the feast. We could not eat one more thing; there was no room for dessert.

We give Planeta Brazil a big thumbs up. Definitely go check ’em out.

A version of this article first appeared in Renato’s Hat City-centric column published in the Tribuna Newspaper.